Planted in drama

Hi, and welcome to my first blog post of 2021 well, my first blog ever!

first of all well done for getting through this last year It's been a tough one and a year none of us will forget. We as a family have been through what most have you have been through. Our ups and downs of this pandemic hit us all differently. The ones I expected to cope with it well didn't and the ones that I thought would really struggle did a lot better than I ever expected, big shout out to my daughter, Lillie who is on the spectrum, she has done amazingly well with all the new challenges. Unfortunately some of you out there took the biggest loss and my heart goes out to you.

In terms of my business? my god I have hung on for dear life. I can not loose it. I haven't even started some of the things I want to achieve. It was a big leap to start my own business, especially in my forties. I was unsure of myself, lacked any business knowledge and had very limited funds but it was that inner ambition that drove me despite all my fears. I wanted something more, I wanted to create something for others to enjoy but above all else I wanted to share my passion and hobby for plants. They have brought me such joy over the years and more so over lock down. I love the feeling of nature in my home and the sense of calm they add to a hectic home and work life. 

Each month I will be sharing with you the ups and downs of plant one on me and why I keep and have a long love affair with indoor planting. 

Until next month. Keep on blooming. xx